FAQ’S – Tenants

Does the property come with any insurance?
While you are a tenant in a rented property, you are responsible for insuring your personal property. We would advise you to take out a home contents insurance policy during your tenancy. Landlords do not have any obligations to insure your personal items.

What if there is a change in house mates through the tenancy?
There may be changes to the people involved in the tenancy agreement, and there is a procedure to be followed when names change on a tenancy agreement. Please ensure you contact us prior to the change so we can make sure all the paperwork is correctly filled out. Everyone involved in the tenancy must also agree to the change.

What do I do if I need to break my lease?
Your tenancy is a legally binding agreement and penalties apply if you need to vacate prior to the lease expiry date. The following costs and procedures will apply:
1. Pay one week’s rent plus GST for re-letting fee
2. Continue to pay your rent up until a suitable replacement tenant takes occupancy. This has to cover the additional 3-4 days the premises will be vacant for our exit and entry condition reports.
3. Advertising fee of $75.00 for window card, internet sites, and sign erected (if applicable with Body Corp By-Laws).
4. All gardens, cleaning, lawns, pool servicing, chemicals etc remain your responsibility until a new tenant moves into the property and has paid rent.
5. Water meter reading (if applicable) $27.50 fee and smoke alarm testing/cleaning $66.00 (excluding cost of new batteries if required).